Welcome to my humble attempt at ‘having a web page’.  I am not very active in cyber-space, as i am often getting my hands muddy building things with clay, sand, and whatever else happens to be around.   And if i am not busy doing that, I am off coaching soccer, or practicing Qi gong.


I am, at heart, a youth worker, process facilitator and wilderness guide. I might also pass for a building biologist, building scientist, designer, artisan, or craftsman.  I even have a fancy set of initials (M.A. Ed) attachable to my name when I am hoping to impress some folks.

I build dwellings via natural processes because natural building is a great way to nurture personal, community, and environmental health.  If you are interested in discovering more about this, please click the tabs: ‘Why Natural Building’ and ‘A Confluence of Remedy’.

When not building natural houses, I am usually crafting wood-fired masonry heaters and rocket stoves for all kinds of dwellings.  Being able to gather around a good (h)eart(h) helps us feel deeply at home, and there is nothing like the gentle far-infra-red warmth these heaters provide.  Furthermore, their ‘real-world’ efficiency is waaay beyond that of any ‘slow-burn’ metal box stove.  For more about wood-fired heating click: ‘Masonry Heaters – a Piece of the Sun’.

And i you are curious discover even more efficient heating techniques.  check out: Annualized Geo-Solar Heating.

I hope you enjoy  🙂