Recent heater build in Highlands

Not my build (friend of Ernie Wisner’s) but I like it 🙂

Pouring footing for traditional grundofen heater

Finishing touches



Masonry heater is the (h)eart(h) of any dwelling.  Especially ‘Project Eagle Yew’



finish plaster and ‘truth window’







Masonry cook-stove with bake oven


Masonry cook-stove and oven…

with heated bench


 Opening day pizza party at Centennial park cob kitchen

‘L-feed’ rocket, the simple-to-operate core of wood-fired outdoor kitchens.


Outdoor kitchen with rocket oven, parilla, griddle and open burner 


Cabin built with recycled forestry seedling trays – covered in cob plasters


Natural building is really all about people working together.  Here we are building the north (sun absorbing) wall of a greenhouse.

the boss