Welcome to my humble attempt at ‘having a web page’.  I am not very active in cyber-space, as i am often busy exploring the ancient building and fire making techniques.   And if i am not busy doing that i am in the garden or hanging out with Sadie and our boys.

Many friends like to bug me about never taking pictures of my work.  But my retort is: ‘My hands are too muddy’, or: “I have no idea where my camera is.’  And there is truth to all this…  So, ya, i guess i am a bit of a throw back to simpler times.  In fact, the way i see it, there is no point opting for high tech building and heating processes when simple ‘low tech’ will do the job.

Case in point:  A modern conventionally constructed house requires a plastic vapour barrier lining to try and stop the (inevitable) migration of indoor atmospheric humidity into wall and ceiling cavities.   Said house must then have a ventilation system to discharge 50% of the house’s indoor air per hour.  Then it must have an even more complex HVAC system to try and recover the heat from the exiting air.  Granted, these high tech systems can work (for 10 years or so til they malfunction and require either costly repair or replacement…), but there is a whole nother way to go about heating, ventilating and regulating moisture that you will not hear about from the profit-driven building industry.

To find out more about these simple, durable, time-tested approaches to building, please click the above tabs to have a look at the pages.  I hope you enjoy…