Listed below is contact information for Natural Builders and Heater builders I know personally and/or have considerable respect for:

Carl Sidl – Based in Upper Vancouver Island, Carl builds high quality Austrian style heaters and outdoor kitchens.  (250) 898-3430.

Elke Cole – Based in Southern Vancouver Island, Elke has been instrumental in sharing natural building know how.  She also started the ‘African kitchen revolution’ helping rural villagers develop clean-burning wood-fired rocket stoves.

Anne Bonner –  Based in Powell River, BC, Canada, Anne is one of the best clay plasterers I have had the pleasure to work with.

Masonry Heater Association of North America – This association of artisan builders has been carrying the torch for over 4 decades now; helping to spread the word, inform building code officials, develop testing and best practice protocols.  The website is a great place to start learning about these amazing appliances.

Walker Stoves – Matt Walker is a super kind, cool and gentle  genius.  He has inspired me deeply with his innovations that have advanced the art of wood burning.  Whenever I have a technical question that is a little (or a lot) off the map of common knowledge… Matt is my ‘go to’

Peter Loffler –  A heater builder Based in Hesse Germany, Peter is deeply grounded in the ancient arts of clay work.  He has sculpted many if the finest heaters I have seen.  In his words: As a stove builder but also as an artist, we always consider the whole house with its room layout, its residents and their habits. A stove as a heat generator and art object has a major impact on the entire living environment. Accepting this responsibility is always a challenge and requires everyone involved to work together. Unique items are created that have a real relationship to the house and residents.’ residents.www-lehmundfeuer-de

Lars Helbro – Based in Denmark, Lars is another highly innovative artisan who crafts beautiful clay-brick heaters: